Here's How To Stop Wasting Food And Start Saving Money

A new survey has found Australia to be an ashamedly wasteful nation, with households throwing away 3.1 tonnes of edible food each year.

The survey, conducted by FoodSaver, quizzed more than 1,000 people and found that 75 percent of those admitted to being perpetual food wasters.

And it gets worse, with 56 percent of those surveyed admitting to throwing out food on a weekly basis, with fresh fruit and vegetables the first things to go.

But, with 2019 creeping up around the corner there's no point in living in the past. So, to help learn how to stop wasting food and save money, we asked food preservation advocate, Nicole Norton for her tips.

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What We're Doing Wrong

Norton told 10 daily that most Australian's "start with good intentions" but all that goes out the window, or rather in the bin when we don't prepare.

"Our research shows us that people are overcooking -- in that, they want to make as much food as they can for their friends and family -- but are failing to store it correctly."

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Inspect Your Home

Norton insists we never leave the house without first doing an inspection of our inventory.

"Have a look in your fridge and your cupboards and see what you already have," she said. "Sometimes we forget and end up buying something we've already got at home".

Make A Shopping List

Next, Norton advises us to "make a detailed shopping list" and stick to it.

"Don't just look at the products you already have either," she said. "Really inspect your leftovers and see what you might be able to make with them."

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Start Meal Planning

This tip, according to Norton, is where we can really start to save some serious cash.

"When you're looking at the food you're going to be preparing plan it out to exact measurements," she said. "That way when you go to the shops you don't overbuy on the vegetables or the meat and, in turn, don't waste any of it."

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Preserve Properly

Now we're back home and have all these leftovers to contend with, Norton warns the biggest mistake people make is "letting the air into their food".

Say what?

According to Norton, most of us know how to store our food correctly in terms of temperature, but many of us break the cardinal rule of food storage by letting oxygen escape into our storage containers.

"What we know is that air is the enemy of freshness," she said. "So if you're just storing your food in an air-tight plastic container it will spoil".

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Norton explains that the reason air can be so detrimental to food preservation is that "storing food with air will encourage bacteria to grow".

Instead, Norton recommends vacuum sealing your food to ensure "all the air is fully removed".

"Doing this will prevent food poisoning as well," she said. "Not to mention the food tastes a heck of a lot better."

Go forth and shop!

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