Twitter Roasts Man Who Tried To Teach Nigella Lawson How To Cook

Siri, what is 'mansplaining'?

In case you're not across what the word means, here's a quick lesson:

Got it? Okay, let's move on.

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson regularly likes to share her culinary adventures with her 2.63 million Twitter followers, and her Christmas Day preparations were no different.

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Giving herself enough time to prepare her feast, the world-renowned cook posted a photo on December 22 of a ham dish she was busy creating.

Beneath a truly heavenly looking piece of ham covered in treacle, Nigella wrote: "8 kilos of ham and 1 tin of black treacle going into the oven for 24 hours now!"

Instead of taking her word for it, one Twitter user decided to interject with his take on the cooking process by attempting to correct Nigella and writing: "Love this but....Surely you mean the fridge for 24hours"

It didn't take long for Nigella's followers -- and anyone with half a brain -- to hit back at the man for his feeble 'hamsplaining' attempt.

Believe it or not, but this isn't the first time a man has been called out for trying to explain how food works to a rather well-known and accomplished woman.

There was that time back in June 2017 when British chef Jamie Oliver schooled Oprah -- yes, THE Oprah -- after she incorrectly called fennel dill on her Instagram account.

Listen, if Oprah says it's fennel then it's fennel. Got it?

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