We Asked A Psychic For Her 2019 Predictions About World Events

Rose Smith has been in the psychic game for as long as she can remember.

As a child, she always knew she was "different" and found herself "predicting" things before they even happened.

That said, it took a fair bit of effort on her part to convince those around her that she did, in fact, have psychic abilities.

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"For the first ten years of my marriage, my husband never believed in anything I said," Smith told 10 daily. "But, eventually, after I kept predicting events before they happened -- like when his sister died -- he ended up believing me."

Smith is the owner of the psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets which she set-up in 2000 following a dream.

"At the time I had no intention to create a business," she said. "But 'upstairs' has a way that influences even the most stubborn of people."

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2019 Predictions

Curious to see if Smith could perhaps help to de-tangle some of the mess currently engulfing the world, we asked her for her predictions on some of the major news events set to dominate 2019.

Will Donald Trump Get Re-Elected?

Smith was quick off the mark with her prediction on this one: "No," she firmly tells 10 daily.

"About six months ago I had a vision, and this sounds really weird, but somehow I dissolved into his body and it felt awful," she explains.

"He has a lot of health problems -- I feel most of them originating in the solar plexus, which is the gut. I feel his digestion is very upset. While I was experiencing this I remember just wanting to vomit."

Smith said that instead of losing the next US Presidential election, she sees Trump "in some kind of negotiated settlement". "The settlement will see him resign. I believe it’s in 2019, but it could be early 2020 -- it's definitely before the next election," she said.

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Brexit -- Will They Or Won't They?

Smith said that at this stage she still doesn't see "any clear resolution" regarding Britain's split from the EU.

"What I’m seeing is a lot of staircases," she said. "They're up and down and up and down. I feel that while the door to leaving the EU is still open, it will be closing soon."

Smith said at this stage, "the energy feels evenly balanced between both staying and going".

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Do they stay? Or do they go? Source: Getty
The Australian Election

"That one is very easy," Smith begins before adding that "anyone with half a brain knows the Liberals will be out".

But Smith is quick to clarify that it's not just logic that's brought her to this conclusion, but rather a vision she had earlier in the year.

"In it, I saw Scott Morrison in a corridor with doors on either side of him, and they were opening up to him which means he will end up being able to pick and choose from a range of opportunities after the election," she said.

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Smith doesn't see a future where ScoMo is our PM. Source: Getty

Smith added that she feels Morrison will experience a "huge sense of relief as he's not enjoying his job as Prime Minister".

On the flip side, Smith said she saw a vision featuring Bill Shorten "smiling with a big bunch of flowers".

"But the smile was fake," she adds. "I get the feeling Labor will have to govern with the minor parties and won't do as well as they thought they would."

Shorten is Smith's pick for our next PM. Source: Getty
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Smith said she feels that Meghan and Harry are in it for the long haul.

"I see them together for a long time," she said, adding that instead of creating a divide, all of Meghan's family drama's have actually brought the pair closer together.

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No twins but a second child for Megs and Haz. Image: Getty.

"They’re discussing all these issues, but it’s not putting a rift between them," she said. "Even though all that stuff is going on in the background I don’t see that having a rift."

As for the couple's impending bundle of joy, Smith said she "doesn't believe" Meghan is carrying twins and also sees a second child in the couple's future.

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