Merry Christmas From These Festive Insta-Famous Pets

Here are some adorable four-legged friends on a mission to spread some major cheer these holidays.

Sure, you might have some pressies under the tree, but these furry and festive dogs, cats, cows and pigs -- yep, pigs! -- are the gifts that keep on giving.


Blue Point Himalayan Bonnie couldn't keep her eyes open any longer during her wait for Santa.

Lil Bub

This special kitty was all curled up and cosy by the fire.


Cheese, sister to the late Toast -- the world's first 'dog supermodel' -- couldn't help but get into the festive spirit.


All we want for Christmas is Marnie!

Buckley and Ralph

The Highland cow and his goat buddy were dressed to impress in the lead up to Christmas.


Rescue Persian kitty Leo -- of Insta account The Zen Kitty -- was highly suspicious when confronted by this a colourful shrub.

Bikini the pig and co.

Bikini, Stuart the rabbit and Betty the chicken -- along with their senior dog crew -- took the most perfect happy snap with Santa.

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'Santa Paws and his merry band of reindeer'

Imagine having your pressies delivered this adorable four-legged quintet?


The Aussie Shepherd was loving her white Christmas.


It was all kisses for the 'wonder pig' this festive season.

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We feel ya, Doug the pug, the holidays can be so draining.


The 'not-so-mini' pot-bellied pig was rather chuffed with her tree this year.

Mervin and Jack

Senior chihuahua Mervin couldn't wait for the big day, while his best pal Jack had more of a bah, humbug 'tude.


The Boston terrier posed perfectly for his Chrissy portrait.


The pampered rescue pitbull played security guard under the tree -- at least until the man with the sleigh arrived.

Feature image: Instagram