We Guarantee You You Will See Most Of These On Your Table This Christmas

Nothing says Aussie Christmas like some Jatz and cabanossi.

Nothing says a good old Aussie Christmas like a spread of your finest foods right? And by finest, we mean, well, childhood favourites. And by favourites, we mean... well a bunch of old school delights that perhaps these days are frowned upon if eaten in place of an artisanal cracker and an activated nut.

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But we're here to tell you, a good old Aussie spread is a fine thing. A delicious thing. So delicious in fact that our mouths are watering as we type. And we're off to the supermarket, stat.

And we're not alone. When Reddit user Canhale posted a video of their work "bogan" Christmas spread this week, commenters couldn't get enough, and added their own mouth-watering suggestions for favourite items, and what was missing.

"Ooh saveloys, so fancy!" said one comment, which sparked a discussion on what the small cocktail sausages were actually called.

"Yeah savs or little boys is all I ever hear them called," said another.

"Cocktail frankfurts, footy franks, little boys."

"Dingo dicks."


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"And where is the saucer of tomato sauce for the little boys?" asked another user.

Well, here it is.

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"Yeah Cobb dip is downright posh." said one user, about the spinach dip-filled loaf so often seen on Aussie tables.

"Mate, I've been to plenty of bogan barbies, and there's nothing more that shazza loves than to show off her mad cooking skills and high social class by whipping some spinach through sour cream and dumping into a hollowed out loaf of bread." said another.

"Got to throw the spring vegetable soup mix into it to get the top shelf flavour."

"Added points as it's always frozen spinach."

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Of course, depending on where you live, you're either a Passiona or a Pasito person.

"Kirks Pasito is da bomb. Loved Passiona as a kid, then discovered I was doing passion fruit fizz all wrong," argued one passionate passionfruit drinker.

"Nah, Passiona or nothing. Fight me," said another.

 "I make the grave error of asking for Pasito once from a classic greasy takeaway place that only sold Passiona -- oh boy was I taught a grave lesson that day," said a third.

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The debate didn't stop with the drinks -- for you spicy snag fans, the choice between Kabana and Cabanossi is a hard one, it seems.  Mostly, about what it's actually called.

"Don't forget the kransky/whatever the f*** it's called," said one comment.

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"Kabana?" said another user.

"Southerner spotted! It's Cabanossi in NSW," corrected a third.

"That’s too exotic for this spread!" said another.

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"Needs a bowl of Cheezels" said one comment.


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And what about the French Onion... and something to dip in it? Can't go past a tasty Jatz, right?

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"I can also see cubes of cheese (hopefully Coon) and Jatz Crackers (or Ritz maybe)" pointed out a keen-eyed Redditer.

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And then, of course, it's time for dessert. Canhale added to the thread by telling people, "I should mention we had Viennetta and Gay Times for dessert," and really struck a chord.

"Vienetta -- that's proper classy" said one user.

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".. the only thing I would add is a Woolies chocolate mud $5 I ever spent," said another.


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Last words go to Redditer Stonetheflamincrows, who said what we're all thinking.

"If this is bogan then I guess I’m more bogan than I thought."

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