Short And Sweet Baby Names Set To Be Big In 2019

Can someone please help us pronounce some of these??

Oh, baby, parents are set to give their newborns some rather quirky names in 2019, at least according to baby name website Nameberry.

The site predicts that we'll see a range of monikers -- inspired by everything from Ancient Greece to Buddhism, pastel hues and bygone eras -- on birth certificates next year.

There's even a new, fashionable consonant, along with a trend for more gender-neutral names.

Short and sweet three-letter names are also set to take off.

Without further ado, let's deliver the bundle of joy that is the popular baby names of 2019.

Three is the magic number

Lux -- girl, of Latin origin meaning "light"

Ida -- girl, of German origin meaning "industrious one"

Hal -- boy, nickname for Henry

Koa -- boy, of Hawaiian origin meaning "warrior"

International flavour

Lior -- boy, of Hebrew, Israeli origin meaning "I have a light"

Niabi -- girl, of Native American origin meaning "fawn"

Sena -- girl, of Arabic, Hindi, African origin meaning "this world's beauty"

Acacius -- boy, of Greek, Latin origin meaning "thorny; or, innocent, not evil"

Nonbinary names

Revel -- boy/girl, of English origin meaning "lively and noisy enjoyment"

Briar -- boy/girl, of English origin meaning "a thorny patch"

Story -- boy/girl, "perfect for the child of a writer!" according to Nameberry experts

Finley -- boy/girl,  of Scottish/ Irish origin meaning "fair-haired hero"

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Eastern spiritualism

Zen -- boy/girl, of Japanese origin, a school of Mahayana Buddhism

Rama -- girl, of Sanskrit origin meaning "lofty"

Kali -- girl, of Sanskrit origin meaning "black one"

Manu -- boy, of Polynesian origin meaning "bird of the night; man"

Actor Zoe Saldana was ahead of the curve, naming her youngest son Zen in 2017. Image: Getty.
Pastel hues

Ash -- boy/girl, of English origin meaning "ash tree"

Sage -- boy/girl, of Latin origin meaning "wise"

Moss -- boy, of English origin meaning "descendant of Moses"

Grey -- boy/girl, "a soft and evocative -- if slightly somber -- choice" according to Nameberry

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Old-school charm

Ace -- boy, of Latin origin meaning "one, unity"

Ike -- boy, as in ex-US President Dwight Eisenhower's nickname

Hank -- boy, of German origin meaning "estate ruler"

Buddy -- boy, of English origin meaning "a close friend"

Most Fashionable Consonant: F

Fern -- girl, of West Germanic origin meaning "a plant with feathery or leafy fronds"

Faye -- girl, of English origin meaning "fairy"

Felix -- boy, of Latin origin meaning "happy, fortunate"

Frost -- boy/girl, of English origin meaning "freezing"

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