The Royals May Have Gone A Tad Overboard With Their Christmas Tree

The royal family has really pushed the boat out for their 2018 Christmas decorations.

We all have that one neighbour who goes completely OTT at Christmas and decks out their entire house in flashing neon lights and drags home the largest tree imaginable.

christmas vacation GIF

But the royal family has taken Christmas competitiveness to the next level and installed a ten-metre high tree in front of Kensington Palace -- the current home of Will, Kate, Harry and Meghan.

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It looks as though it took a team of about a dozen people, a lorry, a cherry picker and *a lot* of giant baubles to get the tree Yuletide-ready.

Queen Elizabeth has also unveiled her Christmas decorations at Buckingham Palace -- and has one-upped her grandkids by installing multiple trees around her home. The perks of being the Queen!

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But at least the Royal Family has used their Christmas decorating budget sensibly -- avoiding the Handmaid's Tale motif that Melania Trump opted for at the White House.

And perhaps a little more exciting than our own PM's Christmas cheer at the Lodge in Canberra.

Main Image: Getty Images.