14 Spicy Chrissy Gifts For That Sassy B*tch In Your Life

Spoil them with something they REALLY want.

We've all got one in our lives. An outspoken, feisty, say-it-like-it-is friend.

They're a dead match for Karen from Will & Grace. Or Rizzo from Grease. Or the sass queen of them all, RuPaul from Drag Race.

They're the HBIC -- that's head bitch in charge -- and they're a hoot on a night out, that's until they offend everyone in the bar and get you both kicked out.

But still, you love them, so treat their sassy asses to something special -- and spicy -- this Christmas.

'Ear, ear!

Let their ears to the talking with this festive and foul-mouthed bling.

Merry F*cking Christmas earrings by Haus Of Dizzy, $29 (small), $39 (large).

Image: Haus Of Dizzy.
Like a bull in a china shop

Because nothing -- NOTHING -- about them is subtle.

Paperchase Not Made to be Subtle Mug, $18

Image: ASOS.
Feisty feline

It's rude but hey -- it's not your friend flipping the bird, it's the cat.

Middlefinger Cat Cookie Cutter by Laubenstein3D, $7.36

Image: Laubenstein3D via Etsy.
Loud mouth

Let them speak their truth with a pretty plum pout.

MECCA MAX Gloss Boss Lip Gloss in Loud And Proud, $18

Image: MECCA.
Pretty fab

A true fabulous bee-atch would wear this with pride.

Typo Novelty Necklace, $12.99

Image: Typo.
Don't give a duck

The author reckons that instead of trying to turn lemons into lemonade, we should learn to stomach lemons better. It's a mood we're sure your sassy mate can get into.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson, $22.50

Image: Amazon.

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In the bag

The product description states, "Very strong bag perfect to hold all those wine bottles from Aldi." Best get two then -- one for you and one for them.

The Inappropriate Gift Co. 100% Recycled Fucks Jute Bag, $26.95

Image: The Inappropriate Gift Co.
Something to say?

They'll have fun wondering how long it'll take for their friends/ Sandra at work to figure out what their jewellery is really trying to say.

Typo Premium Novelty Earrings, $9.99

Image: Typo.
Spell it out

Sometimes sassy people don't have time to be sassy -- with these magnets they can leave a message for their annoying colleague/flatmate/mother-in-law to read later.

Paladone Meme Magnets, $10

Image: ASOS.
Swish swish, witch

What's better than a witch? A sassy, b*tchy witch.

Basic Witches by Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman, $29.99

Image: General Pants.

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Royals only

Can't you just see OG sassy queen, GoT's Cersei sipping out of this?

Typo Mega Wine Glass, $19.99

Image: Typo.
Shady looks

The palette is called 'Throwing Shade' and we're not sure if there's anything more perfect for your feisty friend.

PRETTY VULGAR Throwing Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Phoenix Rising, $52

Image: Sephora.
Forty winks

Ensure your mate gets a good eight hours with this up-front sleep mask.

F*CK OFF Sleep Mask by Sleep Mask Boutique, $18.25

Image: Sleep Mask Boutique via Etsy.
See ya

A sassy sister (or brother) needs to rep their sassiness from their head to their toes. Literally.

Typo Men's Novelty Socks, $9.99

Image: Typo.

Feature image: VH1, Typo.