We Finally Know The Answer To How Dogs Would Wear Pants

You'd have a ruff go trying to get this on your pup...

It's a question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of clothes: "How would a dog wear pants?"

Remember this?

Well, it looks like we finally have an answer thanks to a company named Walkee Paws. They've released a new line of puppy pants to help keep your dog looking super stylin' as well as answering the question that continued to stump the internet, until now...

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It comes in four different designs including a very tasteful "classic" pattern if you want to make your dog look like they've just gotten a job at David Jones.

Invented by Lisa Baronoff, what they're actually for is to prevent your dog from traipsing mud and dirt through your house by keeping their paws clean.

As Baronoff says on the website, "I live in Manhattan and have been concerned about the dirt and germs Toffee [her Cocker spaniel] tracks into our home after outdoor walks on the dirty pavements."

The contraption, which ties over the dog's back, is complete with little rubber booties to keep pup's paws weather-tight. They're made of four-way stretch fabric and, according to Baronoff, the tights are just extending the athleisure-wear trends of humans to dogs.


Feature Image: Supplied