This Is Where You're Going On Holiday Next Year

Pack your bags, Australia, we know where you're off to...

The wine! The tarts! The chicken!

Did we mention the tarts?

If you haven't guessed where you're off to next year, here's the big reveal...

Portugal is set to be on Aussies' go-to travel list in 2019.

That's according to travel web site Skyscanner who released data on where there was the biggest rise in bookings in the past year -- and Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, came in top spot.

In fact, Lisbon and other Portuguese hot spot Porto both hit the top 10, so we're obviously all desperate for some authentic Portuguese chook.

Oh, yes, and culture --  Porto pulling in visitors for its colourful medieval merchant’s houses and port wine.

Da Nang in Vietnam came in second (with Nha Trang also featuring) with surprising entrant Kiev in Ukraine in third place. Russia's St Petersburg and Nice in France also ranked well, as did Thessaloniki in Greece, Palawan in the Philippines and Medellin in Colombia.

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And yes, you're right to think they're not the normal Aussie hotspots.

"We're seeing that Aussies are increasingly becoming more ‘culture vultures’ as they seek to fuel their desire for unique experiences across the world," said  Skyscanner travel expert Michael Grierson. "From the list of emerging destinations we expect to see more travellers exploring unique destinations that shy away from the typical holiday favourites."

The travel app also did a survey about our travel habits and found that -- regardless of where we're going -- we're all heading off to the airport more frequently,

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Skyscanner’s report found that 96 percent of those surveyed travelled either domestically or overseas this year, and a huge 87 percent jet setted internationally at least once in 2018. Domestic travel was also popular throughout the year with more than three quarters (81 percent) eager to explore our own backyard.

Our top spots for 2018 were a little less of a shock than next year's most searched faves -- Bali coming in at number one, followed by London and Auckland.

Nice, yeah, but do they do good tarts?

Anyway, back to where you're bound to be going next year. Time to head to Portugal -- that chicken waits for no man.

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