Photographer Turns Christmas Upside Down With Grinch Family Photos

Ho, ho, oh boy these are too good!

A photographer has put a spin on those classic Christmas family photos by getting children to pose with The Grinch instead of Santa Claus.

SEEM Photography by Sarah Elizabeth, based just outside of Houston, Texas, posted photos of youngsters posing with our favourite Christmas nay-sayer and the results are amazing.

You just never know how kids are going to deal with taking photos with a giant green hairy, pot-bellied, snub-nosed creature with a cat face, but this looks about right.

Image: SEEM Photography by Sarah Elizabeth

As expected, most were a little teary and possibly a bit frightened.

But some are clearly just living their best lives.

Sitting obediently on Santa's lap? So 2017. Hang upside down instead. | Image: SEEM Photography by Sarah Elizabeth

"Our clients love the character and do not mind the crying photos, in fact, most families want that photo for their Christmas card. The Grinch will even hang the kids upside or give them tickles so we get the belly laughs," Elizabeth told ABC13.

Image: SEEM Photography by Sarah Elizabeth

All we can say is: Why weren't our Christmas pics this much fun?!

Image: SEEM Photography by Sarah Elizabeth

You can check out the rest of the pics here, and we can guarantee, you'll love every single one.

Feature Image: SEEM Photography