You Can Buy Your Cat A Giant Croc To Sleep In Because Why Not?

Cut out the middle man and buy your cat their own shoe to sleep in so they stop sleeping in yours!

If you've ever caught your fur baby snoozing in a pair of your slippers, then this is bound to be a shoe-in for best Christmas present ever.

Amazon is selling an actual Crocs-shaped slipper bed so that your cat can sleep in a slipper of their very own. Cute!

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That cat looks thrilled. Image: Amazon

The bed costs US$45 and is big enough for cats and small dogs and comes with a removable faux-fleece inner that makes it nice and cushion-y for your favourite family member. Plus, being removable means you can easily chuck it in the washing machine when your precious one does a doo-doo.

The super stylish bed comes in three colours: pink, gold (that's a strong word) and fawn (read: baby poo brown).

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Unfortunately for all your folks who are now keen on buying your little furry pal a new bed, it's sold out on Amazon, but we think if you bought big enough Crocs and grabbed a blanket you could probably get the same effect...

Feature Image: Amazon