Stop Whinging About The Weather Because The Rain Is Really Good For You

It's raining, it's pouring.

Sydney is currently in the grip of one helluva downpour. From flooded roads to dripping ceilings --  with the rain comes the chaos and, in turn, rendering the city completely useless.

Your usual 30 minute commute into work turns into two hours. The panic begins. The stress rises. The cortisol begins to pump through your veins.

But while rain can usually spell disaster for your daily routine leaving you feeling a little more frazzled than usual -- there is a way you can turn the situation to your (spiritual) advantage.

In fact, according to Australian witch Fiona Horne, it's the perfect time to "transform stale situations".

"Rain can be a good thing," Horne told 10 daily. "It allows you to transform stale situations into fresh opportunities for growth and positive change."

To help you get started, Horne shared her favourite rain rituals with 10 daily that you can easily do at home.

Rain Rituals

The Rain Catcher

  1. Set out a glass jar in an open area where rain can fill it undiluted by dirt or grime (so don't catch it from a leaky gutter).
  2. When it is full,  place a lid on the jar and say this charm: "Thank you, Universe (or God or Goddess as you prefer) for this blessing from the sky."
  3. Then use this rain to anoint and bless your work environment, your bedroom, your work desk, even your local ATM. Anywhere that you feel needs freshening up, inspiration and new growth. Do this by dipping the index finger of your dominant hand (the hand you write with) into the jar and trace your initials on surfaces, across doorways and window sills, as much as your intuition tells you is needed.
You can even bless another person's life by tracing their initials, too.

Dancing in the Rain

You've heard of singing in the rain, well according to Horne, dancing in the rain is even better.

"Best yet is to do it naked and let the cleansing rain wash away any fear, negativity, or self-doubt," she explains. "Exult in the blessing of freedom and life itself while you dance in something as wild as the weather."

Horne said that if dancing around naked isn't your idea of freedom, then she recommends "wearing some clothes and dancing until you are drenched".

"Then let the clothes dry naturally and wear them on the next sunny day to carry refreshing blessings of new growth and inspiration forward with you," she said.

Go With The Flow

Horne said she believes that "rain is nature's reminder that we all just need to go with the flow sometimes and see where it takes us".

To do this, Horne recommends "creating a visual reminder of this by getting a piece of white paper and writing a description of a situation you would like to learn from.

She explains: "Use coloured sharpies, textas, and feel free to draw symbols and images that represent your challenges.

"Then place the paper out in the rain and as the ink bleeds and blends, let your words transform into flowing colour. Know that the cleansing rain has blessed and cleared the way. Bring the paper in and let it dry naturally.  Keep it until the next full moon. By then the situation will have transformed," she said.

Fiona Horne's new book 'Art of Witch' is released May 2019

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