Cat Owners Rejoice Because There's Now A Special Xmas Tree Just For You

Absolutely purrfect.

UK retailer Argos has nailed Christmas for pet owners this year with a product that will prevent your furry babies from destroying the bottom half of your tree.

The "Half Christmas Tree" is just that -- a Christmas tree with the bottom half missing to make sure your pet can't rip off the bottom branches and ruin your living room.

It looks weirdly naked though doesn't it? Image: Argos

At the moment, it doesn't look like Argos delivers to Australia, but if you're feeling particularly inspired, lop off the bottom of your real tree, or just don't put the bottom branches on your fake one.

Image: Argos

Plus, you won't miss any of the presents that seem to hide in the back corner under all the branches!

We can't guarantee that your cat won't find a way to destroy the top half, but at least it's a start...

Wishing you all a meow-ry Christmas.

Feature Image: Argos