Princess Charlotte Is The Spitting Image Of Princess Diana's Niece

Damn, that royal bloodline is strong.

While we already know just how much Princess Charlotte resembles her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, we never realised just how strong the connection also was on her grandmother's side.

We're, of course, talking about Princess Diana. Case in point: Diana's niece, Lady Kitty Spencer.

The model shared an image to her Instagram account over the weekend that has royal watchers shook.

Lady Kitty Spencer (right) and Princess Charlotte (left). Source: Instagram/Getty

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The 'throwback' photo was entitled with the simple caption: 'First day of school'. In it, little Kitty can be seen wearing a school dress (which appears a few sizes too big) and tilting her head to the side in much the same way her famous aunt did.

The youngster is sporting a half-up and half-down hairstyle -- reminiscent of Princess Charlotte. But that's not where the similarities end. Both girls appear to have inherited Diana's cheeky smile, and charismatic eyes.

Queen Elizabeth as a young girl (left) and Princess Charlotte (right). Source: Getty

Fans were quick to comment on Kitty's Instagram to point out the similarities between her and Princess Charlotte.

"Princess Charlotte has the Spencer genes. You look so similar on this," wrote one user.

While another wrote: "Now we know how amazingly beautiful Charlotte will be in the future."

Kitty is a regular fixture on the UK social scene and has walked the runway for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana.

Feature Image: Instagram/Getty