This Simple Hack Will Save Your Phone Charger From Breaking

All you need is a pen. Seriously.

Phone chargers are simply one of life's necessities, and considering how much they're used day in, day out, you've likely experienced the pain of a broken or frayed cable at some point.

We're not naming names here but a particular tech brand *cough* Apple *cough* seems to be the biggest offender when it comes to frazzled chargers.

Maybe it has something to do with how bendy the cable is, or the thinness of the white plastic coating? Or perhaps it's a case of in-built obsolescence ...

But we're not here to speculate on the marketing ploys of a trillion dollar company. We're here in the name of hacks!

This nifty trick in particular will help make your phone charging cable go the distance. All you need is a spring-loaded pen, and some electrical tape.

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First up biff that old, broken charger -- exposed wires are a no-no -- and grab yourself a nice new one. We promise it'll be worth the money.

Wrap some electrical tape around the base of the lightening connector -- that's the bit that plugs into your phone -- covering at least three to four centimetres of the cable.

Next unscrew the pen and remove the spring. Starting from the middle of the spring, wrap the spring around the section of the charge you've covered in tape.

Image: Real Simple.

And there you have it -- a far sturdier and protected cable that can now withstand the day-to-day bending and twisting that used to see it break and fray.

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You can do the same to the other end of the cable -- with the USB -- and it's also a great way to look after charging cables for e-readers, portable speakers and your earbuds, too.

Speaking of, did you know you can give your earbuds a quick clean with none other than Blu Tac? Gently press a blob onto the mesh bit to pick up any dust or ~ew~ earwax, just don't be a fool and smush it in so hard that it gets stuck.

Feature image: Instagram/@jenn.tanner33.