If You're Not Following This Instagram Account You're Missing Out

Gary Janetti takes trolling the royal family to a whole new level and we can't get enough.

So here's the thing. Gary is a world famous screen writer -- he's known best for his work on shows like Family Guy and Will & Grace.  And he's married to Brad Goreski, the Hollywood stylist who became famous on The Rachel Zoe Project...

But as well as writing TV shows he's turned his comedic talent to trolling the royal family and the results, if you haven't seen them, are hilarious. See them all here.

The best part  -- and there are many amazing parts to choose from -- is that he makes Prince George the bad guy, and the little prince gets to be pretty horrible to new aunty Meghan Markle, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and many other members of the royal family, including his little sister Princess Charlotte.

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The kid's got major issues.

Yep, he really seems to resent his little sis.



The imaginary hatred George has for his new Aunty Meghan is also quite something. The kid is vicious.



And he doesn't save his snips for those two... he's equally disparaging about his second cousin, Princess Eugenie.

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And he has an issue with Kate Middleton that has to be seen to be believed.


He's equally disparaging about his grandfather, Prince Charles.

As well as his great grandparents, the Queen and Prince Philip.

And if you think he's all negative -- think again. "George" has a lot of admiration for one person. Himself.

Indeed you are, Georgie boy.

If you like Gary's brand of humour, you will be pleased to hear he's writing a book, Do You Mind if I Cancel?, set for release in spring 2019, which he told EW, will be filled with “essays from my childhood and young adulthood about things that still annoy me.”

Cannot wait!