Meet Wilfred Warrior: The Cat Who Looks Like Your Drunk Grandma

'He's got Bette Davis eyes'

If you're struggling to remember why Wilfred looks familiar -- that's probably because he resembles every drunk family member at every holiday celebration ever.

And, quite frankly, we love him for it.

Wilfred is a Chinchilla Persian cat who lives in the UK.  His fan base recently took off after US comedian Michael Rapaport posted a video to Instagram featuring our beloved Wilfred.

In the video Michael can be heard yelling to his mother about "this weird f***ing cat outside" adding that "it looks like grandma".

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As it turns out, Michael's video was just a dubbed copy of the original which had been posted to Wilfred's page and shows the cat peacefully sitting in his owner's yard.

Wilfred's page is full of snippets from his life showing him doing some very human things, including grabbing a drink at a pub...


And reading...

Wilfred also appears to be a great lover of the outdoors and is regularly featured rolling around in the grass.

Feature Image: Instagram/@wilfredwarrior