16 Weird And Quirky Gifts To Spice Up The Office Kris Kringle

Karen from Accounts is going to love this.

Looking for a pressie that'll make your office Kris Kringle a bit ~spicy~ this year? Or maybe you need a stocking-stuffer for a mate or family member who enjoys the *ahem* quirkier things in life?

Here we present you with some weird, cheeky and sometimes downright rude Chrissy gifts that'll raise eyebrows, tickle funny bones and generally push the 'that's noice, different, un-yew-sual' envelope.

Oh, and one last thing: 10 daily takes no responsibility for lost jobs or familial breakdown.

Let's go shopping!

SIPSKI Shower Wine Glass Holder, $24.95, Opus Design

Perfect for: anyone who likes extra bubbles with their bubble bath *wink wink* Karen.

Image: Opus Design.
Fart Machine, $10, Kmart

Perfect for: the office prankster, or your younger cousin.

Image: Kmart.
Blue Q Lip Shit lip balm, $12.95, Pigeonhole

Perfect for: anyone with lips.

Image: Pigeonhole.
Novelty earrings, $6.99, Typo

Perfect for: sending a subtle signal to that cutie from finance.

Image: Typo.

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Gift Republic prosecco bath bombs, $14, ASOS

Perfect for: your work BFF.

Image: ASOS.
Toilet Time Basketball, $8, Kmart

Perfect for: that guy who likes to take looooong lunch breaks.

Image: Kmart.
Bike Balls, $24.95, Opus Design

Perfect for: letting the hard-out cyclist in the office that you're always thinking of their ... hobby.

Image: Opus Design.
Flask Bangle, $29.99, Typo

Perfect for: your music festival-loving friend.

Image: Typo.
Is Gift The No! Button, $16.95, Pigeonhole

Perfect for: that person you really want to scream NOOOOOOOO! at, but can't.

Image: Pigeonhole.

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Fizz Christmas Snowkini, $16, ASOS

Perfect for: the boss, of course.

Image: ASOS.
Steak apron, $8, Kmart

Perfect for: fans of BBQs. Or Lady Gaga.

Image: Kmart.
Novelty shaped mug, $12.99, Typo

Perfect for: that person who talks shit. All. The. Time.

Image: Typo.
Gift Republic Kama Sutra Bucket List Poster, $26, ASOS

Perfect for: Grandma and Grandpa.

Image: ASOS.
Brumby State Books, Fck That's Delicious, $35, General Pants

Perfect for: foodies.

Image: General Pants.
Avocado Smash Game, $24, ASOS

Perfect for: millenials.

Image: ASOS.
PLUG Dick Egg Fryer, $9.99, General Pants

Perfect for: protein fiends.

Image: General Pants.

Feature image: Pigeonhole, Opus, Kmart, Typo.