Fat Thumbs Rejoice! This Handy iPhone Hack Will Change Your Life

Turns out there's a super simple way to move the cursor than the painstaking way we've been doing it all these years.

You know when you're typing a message at like 100 km an hour and you're basically just mashing the keypad trying to get the words out?

Then you realise you made 12 spelling errors and have to do that annoying thing where you hold down your thumb on the screen but it never actually goes to the right spot? And you end up having to delete whole sentences to get to ONE little spelling mistake? And it's so annoying it makes you want to throw your damn phone out the window in frustration?!


Well, turns out there's a far simpler way!

Apparently, all you need to do is hold your thumb down on the space bar and move the cursor in the desired direction from there -- and voila! It's that easy!

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Despite the seemingly effortless hack, many iPhone users were baffled by the genius findings as they did the rounds on social media today.

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All we can say is thank f**k for the internet or we'd still be fat-finger-keypad mashing like a damn savage.

Image: Getty/Twitter