Should We Ban Mobile Phones At Weddings? One Photographer Thinks We Should

It's one of the most contentious issues facing couples who are planning to tie-the-knot -- to ban mobile phones or not the ban mobile phones?

Of course, both options have their pros and cons. But for one wedding photographer the answer is simple -- get rid of them.

In a rant shared on a Wedding Shaming Facebook Page (yes, they exist and they're huge), one photographer lamented her most recent wedding assignment which saw her having to compete with guests who kept getting in the way of her shot with their iPhones.

To iPhone or not to iPhone? Source: Getty

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She wrote: "Some of the shots I got of this exact moment didn't turn out because of her face being hidden by her bouquet, or still having phones in it."

The photographer went on to say that the pictures "would've been perfect, but someone else's selfish agenda ruined them".

She ended her message with this plea to future wedding guests: "PLEASE consider self awareness at wedding ceremonies. These actually aren't YOUR memories to have for decades, they're the bride and groom's. And they paid me a lot of money to capture the day, not their guests with an iPhone."

Facebook users were quick to back the photographer.

While another user shared a moment from her own wedding which was ruined by her husband's aunt trying to get a photo on her iPhone.

The woman wrote: "This was supposed to be a photo of my FIL (father-in-law) carrying the sleeping flower girl, but instead I have a photo of hubby's aunt lining up to get the first pic of me walking down the aisle."

The image in question. Source: Tara Schoonover
An Unplugged Wedding

When Sydney woman Micaela was called on by her friends to MC their wedding she was told to start the reception with a firm request: "No phones".

"Everyone was cool with it," she told 10 daily.

I didn't even have to pull anyone up. It was a good way to set the tone for the day

Micaela went on to say that the couple wanted the ban in place for two reasons: Not to ruin the professional photos, and to help people be "more in the moment".

Bride, Tina, told 10 daily that there a number of reasons behind the ban, including the desire for everyone to "enjoy the moment". "We paid a lot for an amazing photographer and I didn't want people taking sh***y photos of me and putting them online," she said.

But, she warns, she was lucky because she had a  "pretty small wedding with only 50 guests" and admits it "would be harder to police in a bigger wedding".

Tina and her now husband Mike on their wedding day. Source: Supplied
Do People Actually Obey The Ban?

Well, according to a string of Facebook users who commented on the original post ... yes and no.

Another photographer wrote that even though the wedding officiant told the group to put down their phones "no one listened".

She went on to say that "I had a step dad walk in front of our stationary camera and stand there while we were doing video because he “didn’t care” if he ruined our shots as long as he got a good one."

But there is hope.

Another user went on to reveal that guests at her wedding were respectful of the ban and "actually listened to our wishes".

While another user wrote this:  "We did this and everyone listened! The only device was my friend holding the iPad for our family in England to view the ceremony."

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