Gin-Infused KitKats Are A Thing And Oh Holy Heck They're Good

Have a boozy break. Have a gin KitKat.

We're all busy people, and sometimes we want two things for the price of one. Like chocolate, and a nip of gin.

The great minds over at KitKat are waaaaayy ahead of us, having dropped a world-first gin-infused KitKat on November 15.

Available exclusively at KitKat Chocolatory in Melbourne, the individually handcrafted GinKats ... er, we mean gin KitKats come in two festive flavours: Candied Citrus and Rosemary, and Caramelised Macadamia with Juniper.

Image: supplied.

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You may now pause to wipe the drool off your keyboard/smartphone screen.

The limited edition creations were brewed up in partnership with the Melbourne Gin Company, and feature the iconic KitKat wafers smothered in luscious, gin-infused premium milk chocolate.

Keep your eye -- or tongue -- out for refreshing botanical notes reminiscent of London Dry Gin such as citrus, coriander seeds and rosemary, intermingled with Australian natives for a unique Melbourne twist.

Image: supplied.

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"It's the ultimate taste sensation this Christmas,” KitKat Chocolatory head chocolatier Connie Yuen said.

Cheers to that.

The boozy bars are around for a good time not a long time, so if you're in Melbs we advise popping down to the KitKat Chocolatory on La Trobe street pronto.

Feature image: supplied, Giphy.