Soz To Burst Your Bubbly, Ali, But You're Wrong About Prosecco And Sulphites

The Bachelorette's booze blunder.

Let's set the scene. It's episode seven of The Bachelorette. Ali and Mr Right hopeful Daniel -- yes, that Daniel -- are on a candle-lit one-on-one date.

The conversation isn't exactly flowing -- unlike the bubbly -- so to fill the lull Ali pipes up with an interesting alcohol tidbit.

"Prosecco has no sulphites," she says. "That's why I started drinking it."

'Cool, Ali, but WTF are sulphites??' was probably what Daniel was thinking.

Instead he went with "Cool, I didn't know that!" like it was the most interesting thing anyone has ever said. Ever.

Well, young Daniel, sulphites are a naturally occurring mineral that is used to preserve foods and drinks like cordials, dried fruit, sausages and alcohol.

Some people are super sensitive to sulphites, and can have trouble breathing, break out in hives or poop their pants after coming in contact with them. Not pretty.

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Most people blame sulphites for the hangover they get after hitting the booze a bit too hard. This isn't exactly true, but it's probably what our dear Bachelorette was getting at.

Prosecco = no hangover.

Well, we all thought, cheers to that! Pour up, girlfriend.

That's until we spoke to the experts at Cellarmasters. Fair warning, you might want to put down your glass before reading this next bit.

Unfortunately, Prosecco is not sulphite-free -- it contains just as much as other sparkling wines.

Umm, BOO!

There is a bit of a catch, 'cause organic and biodynamic wines tend to have less sulphites, however, it's a myth that wines with less sulphites are a one way ticket to a hangover-free zone.

Double boo!

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"All wine will give you a hangover or headache as alcohol is a diuretic -- also alcohol levels, sugar and tannins all contribute to this problem," Cellarmasters cellar director Christine Ricketts told 10 daily.

There is actually very little sulphur in normal wine, the component that gets all the blame in most wines -- dried fruits have more sulphites!

Chris Mattes, merchandise manager for wine at BWS, agrees. "The Australian Wine Research Institute ... found it's alcohol that causes hangovers rather than sulphites, which are in such low concentration in finished wine as to have no effect," he told 10 daily.

"So I hate to be a killjoy, but moderation is the key!" said Ricketts.

With that in mind -- and the Bachelorette finale almost upon us -- here's our pick of the top Prosecco drops to drink to, all under $25.

Cheers, kids!

Image: Cellarmasters.

Stefano De Pieri Di Qualita Prosecco, from $17.50 a bottle in a six pack, Cellarmasters.

Image: BWS.

Torresella Prosecco Rosé, $17, BWS.

Image: BWS.

Yellowglen Sunset Spritz, $15, BWS.

Image: Dan Murphy's.

Maschio Prosecco, $9.40, Dan Murphy's.

Image: BWS.

Porta Dante Prosecco, $20, BWS.

Feature image: Warner Bros.

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