The Dishwasher Debate Dividing Twitter: Do Knives And Forks Face Up Or Down?

A dish-bate is raging over the humble cutlery basket.

Like many issues that divide the nation, this latest debate over correct dishwasher-stacking technique -- a dish-bate? -- all started with a tweet.

Side note: WTF are 'tines'??

According to the Oxford Dictionary online, a tine is, "A prong or sharp point, such as that on a fork or antler."

So it's basically the pointy bits on the end of a fork. Glad we cleared that up.

When you load up the dishwasher do you chuck your forks into the cutlery basket with the tines/pointy bits facing downwards or up?

These are the two sides that Twitter seems to fall into: Team Utensils Up, and Team Utensils Down.

Those on #teamup argued that their technique allowed the cutlery to be cleaned more effectively.

Our very own Angela Bishop waded in as a staunch member of #teamdown for practical reasons.

Some had a more relaxed approach, which no doubt frustrated anyone else who shared their dishwasher.

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We have all experienced the pain of trying to disentangle a clump of forks and knives that were jammed in the basket, some facing up, others facing down. A true kitchen nightmare.

Those with little ones were members of #teamdown by default, for safety reasons.

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For others the issue simply didn't apply due to their newfangled dishwashers kitted out with cutlery drawers. Ooh-ahh!

The final verdict? Who blinking knows.

It might be 'tine' to throw in the (tea) towel and move on from this dish-bate.

There's always the age old argument over where you should store your chocolate -- pantry or fridge?? -- to stoke up instead.

Feature image: Getty.