Bunnings Is Changing The Way They Serve Their Sausage Sizzle And People Are Not Happy

You might say they've hit a snag.

Not since the Great Debate of where chocolate should be stored -- the fridge or the pantry -- has such an issue divided the nation.

When it comes to a sausage sizzle, do you put the onions on the bread first or the sausage? Well, it's a decision Bunnings stores across Australia will never have to make again, after it was revealed they have been ordered to put the onions on first.

It's all due to new Occupational Health and Safety rules, with fears a stray caramelised onion may find it easier to abscond from the top of a sausage than beneath it, leading to fears of major customer slippage.

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The alarming new procedure was confirmed on radio station 3AW yesterday -- with Bunnings' chief operating officer, Debbie Poole, explaining that "safety is always our No 1 priority".

“We recently introduced a suggestion that onion be placed underneath sausages to help prevent the onion from falling out and creating a slipping hazard," she said.

The sizzling issue has been met with disbelief and outrage across the country with many taking to Twitter to slam move.

Meanwhile, 10 daily's very own intrepid senior news reporter, Josh Butler, conducted a poll of his own which yielded some sobering results ... for Bunnigs, that is.

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