These Must Surely Be The Weirdest Inventions Ever

Have you ever felt like the one thing missing in your life was a tie that doubles as an umbrella?

Well, you're in luck, because that's one of the many glorious inventions that our good friends over in Japan have gifted to the world.

Not that impressed? Well, aren't you hard to please. Anyway, that's OK, because there's plenty more genius where that came from.

Now you can finally butter your bread and lips with one handy tool

Because you don't want to look like an idiot with your hair all up in your food

Finally! A SAFE solution to the daily struggle of putting alcohol from bottles swiped from the mini-bar into our eyes.

Never again be that annoying (and, frankly, embarrassing) sniffing person on the bus.

Umm, have you seen anything sexier or more practical?

We're not sure what the sign says but our best guess is THANK U, NEXT.

For reals though, according to Twitter @am_hit_31 the sign reads: "I am asleep now. Sorry to trouble you, but please let me wake at this station: "Nishigogikubo".

Those seconds waiting for your noodles to cool down really are a killer.

Housework never seemed so fun ... and fashionable!

Because it's about time babies started earning their keep.

Pucker up, baby.

All Images: Instagram/@streetartglobe