Can You Tell If These Poppies Are Overlapping Or Not?

Get that packet of Panadol ready 'cause you're gonna need it after staring at this picture.

A teacher has inadvertently stumbled across a seriously intense optical illusion after drawing the outline of a series poppies for her students to cut out.

The mind-bending image was posted to Reddit by a user with name SlipperyPockets.

It was shared with the simple comment: "I drew poppy outlines fro my class to cut out - they look like they overlap but don't".

It didn't take long before thousands of people had commented on the trippy-dippy image -- with one person even thanking the teacher for gifting them with a "new optical illusion".

A few users then tried to figure out the science behind the illusion.

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It's not a bad try. The Gestalt principle is a theory in psychology that an organised whole is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Basically, it means that our brains will fill in the gaps (so to speak) to make sense of things.

The illusion then made its way onto Twitter -- with users just as bamboozled.

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Careful. Don't stare at it for too long... your brain might just melt.

Feature Image: Reddit