Her Majesty, Meghan Markle And Their Tussle Over A Tiara

There's reportedly some right royal beef between Liz and Megs.

Clashes with the in-laws are part and parcel of family life, but when you're a royal, your family drama gets aired on the global stage.

The latest dirt that's been dished concerns Meghan Markle, her grandmother-in-law the Queen, and a supposed pre-wedding spat.

According to The Sun, Her Majesty and the then-soon-to-be Mrs Prince Harry clashed over a tiara, because of course they did.

Meghan reportedly had her heart set on a piece that featured emeralds, but concerns over the gems' origin -- rumoured to be Russian -- meant that the Duchess' choice was denied.

Both Megs and her fiancé Harry weren't altogether chuffed with the news, with palace insiders revealing that the pair got a bit shirty with staff.

These two? Shirty? I do say! Image: Getty.

The Duchess of Sussex in particular is used to getting her way, if reporter Richard Jobson's new book Charles at 70 is to be believed.

According to Jobson, Harry was overheard telling staff ahead of his nuptials on May 19, “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Okay, then. We're getting some bridezilla vibes.

Her Maj wasn't having any of it, apparently stepping in to lay down the tiara law.

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The palace insider -- which we all know must be a tattle-tail chambermaid, right? -- claims that Queen Liz gave her grandson a talking to about his and his future wife's behaviour.

"Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me," were the Queen's (supposed) words.

Looks like the 92-year-old monarch got her way in the end, with Megs instead pairing a stunning diamond and platinum bandeau-style tiara with her Givenchy gown for the big day.

Megs wearing her head-bling on May 19. Image: Getty.

The sparkly head-bling (which is not a technical term for a tiara but we're going with it) has a special significance to the Queen, having been made in 1932 for her grandma, Queen Mary.

The ex-actor looked downright glam in her bridal getup -- tiara included -- but still, no emeralds though ...

Months later while on tour down under, the mum-to-be surprised everyone by opting against wearing a tiara to a state dinner in Fiji on October 23. Tiaras are definitely de rigueur for those types of diplomatic events, but Megs kept her sleek and shiny hair unadorned.

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Maybe Megs is a bit tiara-shy after the ... you know, ~incident~ with the Queen? Who can blame her.

To be honest though, we're not exactly buying the whole tiara-gate story.

The two looked to be having an absolute ball together on their debut solo tour on June 14, less than a month after the supposed clash took place.

"And then I said, you're not Prince Philip!" - the Queen, probably, on June 14. Image: Getty.

See, no beef there.

Plus, Her Maj has reportedly invited someone very special to Meghan, her mum Doria Ragland, to spend Christmas with the royal fam at Sandringham House.

This is a Big Deal, as even Kate Middleton's parents haven't received the same invite. Ever.

Case closed!

Feature image: Getty.