Meghan And Harry's Sweet Signed Royal Tour Gift Looks Very Familiar

We swear we've seen it somewhere before.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were on the receiving end of hundreds of gifts while on their 16 day tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, but the royal couple made sure to hand out a few of their own.

One such gift the Sussex's gave out was a lovely portrait of the two -- the Prince in a dark blue suit and his wife in a powder blue sheath dress.

The photo is signed by both the Duke and Duchess, and encased in a black frame featuring their official monogram (that's the entwined 'H' and 'M' BTW.)

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An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted the sweet pressie in another tweet by a New Zealander who was visiting Government House in the country's capital, Wellington.

So it looks like parents-to-be Harry and Megs presented the signed snap to some government officials before they jetted out of Kiwi-land on October 31.

A cute gesture, and it might be treasonous to admit but it's giving us a sense of gift déjà vu.

No really -- cast your minds back to May when Haz's gran the Queen met with Aussie High Commissioner for the Commonwealth George Brandis.

Peek-a-boo we see you Harry and Meghan. Image: Getty.

It was a stock-standard engagement held in Her Maj's reception room, that is until someone recognised the new addition to the 92-year-old monarch's collection of family photos.

Tucked away in the corner was a gorgeous pic of Harry and Meghan. Yep, you guessed it -- the very same one that the pair gifted to New Zealand officials six months later.


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Now, we're not mad about the fact that Meghan and Harry have doubled down on their choice in presents. It's a blessing, really, 'cause now we get a much better look at the fuzzy portrait in Buckingham Palace.

A clearer picture. Image: Twitter/@NiniTrin.

We can clearly see Harry's cheeky grin, and Meghan's beaming smile,not to mention her now-signature barely-there makeup look.

It's not known when this photo was taken, or indeed who took it, but it's thought that it might be the handiwork of photographer Alexi Lubomirski. He did capture the couple's engagement photos back in December 2017, not to mention the wedding portraits in May this year.

No matter who took the photo, or when, we're happy it exists as it shows us an even more relaxed and intimate side of the openly loved-up couple.

Considering they've now gifted it on two separate occasions -- that we know of -- the Duke and Duchess must like it too.

Feature image: Getty, Twitter/@NiniTrin.