The Simple Ways You Can Strengthen Your Intuition

Have you ever walked into a room and something just didn’t feel right?

Or maybe you met someone and got a bad feeling you just couldn’t explain?

That’s your intuition talking. Usually we refer to it as our ‘gut feeling’ and a lot of our choices in life are guided by it -- whether we realise it or not.

Psychic Rose Smith told 10 daily that intuition is “a natural ability that all animals and humans have.” The only problem is, she said, most of us ignore it because we don’t “value what our body is trying to tell us”.

And she’s got an idea why: “Your intuition is a different type of intelligence. It’s not like your analytical ability -- so most of us simply don’t understand it”.

Smith -- who has been running the psychic network Absolute Soul Secrets for the past 18 years -- said that women especially need to pay more attention to their intuition.

"You know when you go into a danger situation and, as a woman, you just feel something's not right --  women need to listen to that and remove themselves from the situation as quickly as possible," she said.

Smith tells the story of how one night she and her husband (who, she said, at first thought her ability was a 'bunch of bulls**t') were driving through the outback when she saw "an Aboriginal ghost".

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"He said to me via telepathy "you don’t respect this land",' she said. 'Now, my husband, Tony, didn't see anything but the same time as I saw the ghost he goes, "I'm really scared -- there's something here". Turns out the place we were driving through was a massacre area.

While we might not all be able to predict the outcomes of every given situation, Smith told 10 daily that training your intuition is actually "quite easy".

How To Strengthen Your Intuition

Be Open To It

Smith said that before any specific 'training' can get underway, we have to make sure we're open to the idea. "You aura will then open up more," she said.

Practice Tuning It

According to Smith doing any activity, such as meditation, that will put you "in touch with your body" will help to increase your ability to "hear" what your intuition is trying to tell you.

By doing this, Smith said you will "learn what it feels like to be you on a plain physical level. That way when you go into a different situation you will be aware when your body feels different".

Trust Yourself

"It takes time to learn to trust yourself with what you’re feeling," Smith advised.  She added that sometimes we might think we can trust someone only to be proven wrong.

"The body is never wrong about these things -- sometimes we just misinterpret the signs," she said.

The Other Signs

Apart from that feeling in your gut, Smith told 10 daily there are a number of other physical warning signs that we need to look out for. They include the hairs on the back of your neck or arms standing up, goosebumps and a generalised anxiety or feeling of uncertainty.

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