Are You Ready For A Salty Gaytime?

The answer is yes, yes you are.

To quote a great and powerful trio of badass babes, we don't think you're ready for this jelly.

And by jelly we mean salt.

And by salt we mean the brand new Salty Golden Gaytime.


After heaps of requests, your cheeky mates at Streets Ice Cream have just dropped this fresh and delicious take on an old fave, because what's good can always be made better, right?

You bloody bet it can.

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Taking its cue from the salted caramel craze of late, the new salty boi on the block combines the OG Gaytime taste you know and love -- toffee and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and those iconic vanilla crumbs -- and joins it in a sexy flavour union with a savoury, light sprinkling of salt.

Your salty boi comes in singles and multipacks, so you can enjoy your Gaytime with mates or solo but you know what they say about having a Gaytime on your own ...

And just when you thought your tastebuds couldn't get ~tingly~ enough, there's more.

The Salty Gaytime is being joined by his hot AF bro, Choc Fever -- a double choc ice cream loaded with choc crumbs.

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These two new flavours join the already outstanding Gaytime range that includes Gaytime Tubs, the Golden Gaynetto, Golden Gaytime Crumbs in a tin (now in unicorn flavour 'cause unicorns taste yum), and or course the epic Golden Gaytime Sanga.

The forecast for summer? Hot, sunny and ever so slightly salty.

Feature image: Instagram/@mishmashcultureclash, supplied.

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