Alpaca Burgers Exist 'Cause In Australia We'll Eat Anything

Alpaca my knife and fork.

In this latest edition of 'In Australia, We'll Eat Anything' the local emu, crocodile and kangaroo populations are sighing in relief because our hungry eyes have turned to a new juicy animal: the alpaca.

As in the fluffy, goofy, long-neck sheep-lookin' things that are native to South America.

Aussie burger chain Burger Urge is cooking these babies up in their new limited edition Big Pac burger, featuring two -- TWO -- alpaca patties, sauce, cheese, pickles, lettuce and onion, all on a sesame bun.

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Alpacas -- not to be confused with their salty cousins Llamas -- are typically bred for their soft as heck fleece but apparently their meat is tasty, low in calories and high in protein.

TBH it sounds similar to 'roo meat, which we were all a bit iffy about chowing down on a few years ago, considering it is on our country's coat of arms and all. But then again, so is the emu and we eat that too.

Nowadays you can pick up a kanga or emu steak at your local supermarket -- maybe we'll be seeing alpaca fillets in there before too long?

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Alpacas are also a super easy and economical type of livestock to look after, so these woolly guys could be a good option in terms of a responsible and eco-friendly source of meat.

Having said all that, the Big Pac isn't going down too well online if the Instagram comments are anything to go by.

There's disbelief: "So we're eating alpacas now?" and "I didn’t even know u could eat alpacas" (same.)

Disgust: "This disgusts me to a whole new level," "I hate everything about this" and our personal fave, "an abomination of the worst kind."

Yes, we know Emperor Kuzco is a Llama but let us have this.

Others addressed the elephant in the room, saying, "looks exactly like the big mac," *awks* while another shared this genius, "How could you not call this the 2pac?"

How indeed!

There were some who were keen to jump on the alpaca bandwagon, but would only commit if accompanied by a mate -- "I'm game if you are bro," one tentative Big Pac patron commented.

All this Big Pac business begs one question that we're sure will grip the nation: are the alpacas at The Bachelorette mansion on borrowed time??

Perish the thought. We know Osher would protect those mini cotton wool giraffes with his life.

Feature image: Burger Urge.