We Ate Halloween Candy Made From Insects And Now You Can Too

Tempted? Read on.

If you've ever looked at a cricket or a meal worm and thought, 'wow, I wonder what that tastes like covered in chocolate', well, wonder no more -- because you can now buy these creepy crawly creations are now in the marketplace.

Thanks to the team at Edible Bug Shop, you can buy a whole range of sugar-coated critters that will make the perfect snack for Halloween.

And before you turn your nose up at all this bug talk -- hear us out. And no, they're not just regular insects plucked from some random's backyard. They're farmed. It's all very official and legitimate.

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"We own Australia’s largest edible insect farm  and we've been breeding them for human consumption since 2007," Sky Blackburn from Edible Bug Shop told ten daily.

"We use them as a form of protein and for Halloween we try and do a lot of things for people to get interested in eating insects -- so we make a lot of visual products," she said.

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The products

Crickets, ants and meal worms with chocolate: Fancy some crispy meal worms smothered in milk chocolate? Or what about some crickets and jelly raspberries?

Marshmallows with insects: These marshmallows come in a range of three delectable flavours: Ant with Riberry, Mealworm and Wattleseed and Cricket with Macadamia and caramel swirl.

Cricket powder tortilla chips: Flavoured with chilli and lime (no less) these are actually kind of good for you as they contain a whopping 7.5g of protein and a bunch of other micronutritants like B12.

Ant candy: These have itty-bitty bits of tyrant ants swirled into them. TBH they just taste like delicious lime flavoured hard candy.

More ... More ... MORE

Still keen for more Halloween nosh? Well, team at Deliveroo has also jumped on the freaky Halloween food bandwagon.

They've launched 'DeliverBoo' (geddit?) which will allow customers to purchase chocolate lolly bags for $1. Keeping in the tick or treat theme, a few lucky (or unlucky) customers will end up receiving a creepy crawler, scorpion or tarantula instead.

And, it wouldn't be Halloween without some brains, right? Right!

The team at Huxtaburger are well aware of this and so, they've created the brainstaburger -- a black-bunned burger dripping with blood red mayo, cheese, pickles, a beef patty and crumbed lambs brain.

Image: Hugh Davies

Being a zombie never seemed so delicious.

Feature Image: ten daily