Please Enjoy This Genius $1.50 Hack For Cooking The Perfect Poached Eggs

Name a better breakfast staple than poached eggs -- go on, we’ll wait.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Honestly, think about it, there’s really nothing quite like seeing that delicious river of runny yellow yolk that you only get when you cut into a poached egg.

The only issue is most of us straight up suck at cooking them.

Do you drop the raw egg it into the water in one fell swoop? Or do you pour it in via a jug? Are you supposed to drop the egg in while stirring the water or while it’s stationary?

So much confusion.

Now one very clever cook has come up with an ingenious -- and cheap -- way to ensure you get the perfect poached eggs each and every time.

Taking to the popular Kmart Hack Facebook page, user Tia-Louse Bellantone shared her revelation, writing that she was forced to come up with a way to make the dish because she “totally sucks at mastering the poached egg crap”.

Her solution? Silicone muffin cup moulds.

Bellantone shared a photo of the cooking process showing two silicone cups— which had been filled with yolk -- sitting in a pan filled with boiling water.

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The eggs cooking in the silicone cups to the left and the finished product on the right. Source: Facebook

In the next image shared by Bellantone, two perfectly cooked poached eggs sit atop a slice of a bacon and spinach toastie. The absolute best part about the entire discovery is that the cups only cost $1.50.

Users were quick to applaud Bellantone for her hack calling it “the best thing ever”.

“That’s brilliant. I’m terrible at poached eggs,” wrote one user.

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Others were quick to add in their two cents worth, telling users that the real secret to perfect poached eggs is to make sure they only use "the freshest produce" available.

On that note, breakfast is on us.

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