Meghan Just Beat Harry At 'Welly Wanging' Or The Most Bizarre Sport Ever

Harry just wasn't good enough when it came to wanging his welly.

In quite possibly their most bizarre official engagement of their royal tour so far, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken part in the sport of Welly Wanging or Gumboot Throwing.

The pair took part in the popular past-time after a more official engagement, which saw them dedicate a large area of native bush to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy.

After completing the business end of the engagement -- the pair picked up their very own pair of Wellington Boots -- red polka dots for Meghan and navy blue for Harry -- and took their position.

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The sport -- and yes, it is considered a sport -- is quite self-explanatory. Participants are required to toss a Wellington boot as far as possible within the border from the starting line. Whoever manages to throw the boot furthest wins.

Despite having to battle with torrential rain, mother-to-be Meghan managed to pip her husband at the post, chucking her boot further than his, winning a gumboot trophy and a pair of baby boots.

Look at those skills! Source: Getty

According to royal reporter Omid Scobie, Meghan told a group of local schoolchildren who were on her 'team' for the competition that they should take the prize and "put it in your school".

"Now that'll make a show and tell," she said.

The couple will fill out the rest of their day with a few more engagements around New Zealand, before finishing up by attending a reception hosted by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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