What Animal Do You See When You Look At This Photo?

Nup, try again.

A picture of what looks like a crow is making the rounds on the internet just in time for Halloween.

The image which was originally posted to Reddit, has got people convinced that there is some sort of witchcraft involved in whatever this creature actually is.

Do you ever feel like there's a crow staring into the depths of your soul? Me neither. Image: Reddit

Do you see what's wrong with it yet?

Well... this little Halloween trickster is actually a cat.

Yep, look again and you'll see one little face weirdly twisted upside down as only your feline friend can.

Here's a nicely drawn diagram by yours truly in case you're still genuinely struggling to see it. Image: Reddit

Regardless of whether you saw it immediately, you have to admit, it's a great addition to the "duckrabbit" collection of images that are just there to annoy you.