Would You Take Up Bike Riding If Free Beer Was On Offer? One City Is Trialling It

Italy's Bologna is offering its citizens some very tasty incentives to ditch their cars and jump on a bike.

The northern Italian city is giving away free beer in the hopes of cutting down some of the traffic clogging up its medieval streets.

A new app called Bella Mossa (Good Job) collects points every time someone records a trip when they cycle, walk or use public transport.

The app’s website explains the process, saying: 'With every move made on foot, by bike, by bus or by train, with car sharing and carpooling you can earn Mobility Points, these allow access to discounts and vouchers made available by our partners.

The cobbled streets of Bologna have been less congested thanks to Bella Mossa. (Getty)

It's a good way for an individual to track their movements, and there’s also the option to compete with friends, or in leagues populated by employers or schools.

Users can then redeem their points for beer, gelato or cinema tickets. There are even some *extremely* Italian incentives like discounts on pasta flour and Aperol spritzes, the BBC reports

Urban planner Marco Amadori helped create the app and told the BBC that it was important for people to think about how they can live more sustainably.

The city hopes the bike-for-beer program will encourage more sustainable living. IMAGE: Getty Images

"The system of point collection is based not on the distance you travel but on a single trip, because it’s important that even for short trips of 1 km you do it in a sustainable way,” Amadori said.

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It takes about eight journeys to score yourself a glass of beer -- but app users can only log a maximum of four journeys per day.

According to the BBC, the app has recorded 3.7 million kilometres of sustainable journeys in the last year.

All it took was the promise of a few schooners.

Main Image: Getty Images.