Meghan Markle Was All Of Us When She Left The Tag On Her New Dress

We have all been there.

When the Duchess of Sussex touched down in Tonga on Thursday all eyes were on her vibrant red frock -- and for good reason.

With her hubby Prince Harry by her side, the mum-to-be stepped off the plan wearing a fire-engine red Self Portrait dress, looking very much like a glam human version of the dancing lady emoji. And we loved it.

The whole ensemble -- topped off with black shoes and a box clutch -- was simple, elegant and very regal. What wasn't so regal -- or expected -- was the fact that Megz had accidentally forgotten to take off the tag on the dress.

Said tag can be clearly seen peeking out below the hem, swinging merrily in the breeze as the Duchess strolled down the red carpeted tarmac hand-in-hand with Harry.

Tag, you're it! Image: AAP.

Yup, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex was totally a tag-dag, and we couldn't love her more. Really. We've all been there. There's not one person who can look at that pic without thinking, 'Yep, been there.'

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive at Fua'amotu Airport, Tonga. Image: AAP

Perhaps Meghan was trying to pull off the sneaky wear-it-then-return-it ploy. You know, when you buy that exxy yet gorgeous dress/jacket/top for a big event or party but leave the tags on, fulling intending to wear it, look fab then take it back for a refund the next day.

No? No-one else has done that? Ahem ...

Or maybe Megz had such a quick pre-arrival on board change from her comfy travel clothes -- Bonds trackies, we reckon -- into her glam frock that she simply forgot to snip off the tag. Who knows!

We do know that it's not the first time the former actress has experienced a sartorial slip like this.

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No tags back on July 10 in Ireland, just some pesky plastic. Image: Getty.

Back in July while on a trip to Ireland Meghan found herself in a similar situation but this time it wasn't a dress but a handbag that was causing her grief.

Eagle-eyed royal watchers noted that the Duchess had left those teeny bits of plastic -- the ones that help protect metal hardware like clasps and studs from scratches -- on the bottom of her Strathberry bag.

Look, it really was NBD, as is the recent red dress tag incident in Tonga.

Meghan is a busy lady with a demanding royal tour schedule -- and bub on the way. She's been to more places around Australia and the Pacific in the last week than we've had hot dinners of late.

We might get a bit of a chuckle out of Meghan's fashion fail today, let's all remember that tomorrow it could well be one of us with our tag showing.

With that, we're off to shop...

Feature image: Getty.