Dear Ivan, Here's What You CAN Do With Avocado

Avoca-do's, not avoca-don'ts.

There was a car-crash-TV moment in episode five of The Bachelorette when Australia watched in horror and disbelief as dear, sweet bachelor Ivan proceeded to blend two avocados whole -- skin, seeds and all.

The sound. The sheer shrieking sound of that poor kitchen appliance. It shall never leave our ears and we will be haunted forever.

The general sentiment on social media was, 'OMFG, did he really do that???'

Yes, he did which is why we're writing this open letter to Ivan, and other avocado novices out there to demonstrate what you can and should do with this delicious, creamy fruit.

(Yes avocados are fruit because they have seeds, look it up.)

You can freeze them

The exact way you prep your avo pre-freezing is up to you but general consensus is to peel, de-seed and halve those bad boys, cover them in lemon or lime juice before individually wrapping each half in cling wrap and popping them into a zip lock bag.

If the whole individually cling wrapping each half thing isn't your vibe, you can freeze them first on a tray covered in baking paper then once nice and frosty transfer them to a zip lock bag.

Now you have fresh avo ready to go for smoothies (try it, it's delish), pizza toppings (again, just try it) and many other avo-based needs.

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You can bake eggs in them

This recipe is SO EASY maybe even Ivan can do it. We joke, we joke. All you have to do is cut an avo in half, scoop out a bit of the flesh then carefully crack an egg inside each half. Pop them on a baking tray lined with baking paper and chuck 'em in the oven at about 220ºC for about 20 minutes then BOOM you got yourself an 'eggocado.'

You can even sprinkle some cheese or bacon on the top pre-bake, and by all means go nuts with salt, pepper, seasoning, fresh herbs -- even dukkah -- when it's nice and hot. we're drooling.

You can ripen them instantly in the oven
Image: Janine Ngai for LittleThings.

You may be aware of the old pop-an-avo-in-a-bag-with-a-banana trick to speed up the ripening process but we're about to revolutionise your world.

An avocado wrapped in al-foil and baked in the oven at 200ºC for about 10 minutes will be softer and more supple when it comes out. Just let it cool first before you dig in.

You can make desserts with them

Avocados are packed with healthy fat making them a beaut substitute for butter and vegetable oil in baking and desserts. From chocolate mousse to avocado nut bread, choc-avocado popsicles and a creamy-as-heck avo gelato, this weird-shaped fruit can do it all and more.

You can make pasta sauce with them

This avo pasta sauce is lighter and healthier but still tastes as indulgent as a big ol' bowl of pasta should.

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You can drink coffees out of them

We do not support or recommend this but you avoca-do you.

Whatever you do with 'em for the love of god please peel and get rid of the giant, rock-hard seed -- safely now, with a spoon not a knife.

Best regards,

Team ten daily, your (unofficial) avo experts.

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