Meghan Makes Her Mark(le) By Shunning A Tiara At Fiji State Dinner

Heavy is the crown ... especially when you're preggers.

Meghan Markle has once again stayed true to her simple albeit elegant sense of style -- opting not to wear a tiara while attending a state dinner in Fiji last night.

The Duchess stunned in a cape gown by designer Safiyaa -- with the hue of the dress a near match for the Fiji flag.

The 37-year-old kept her jewellery sparse -- donning a pair of diamond drop earrings which had been borrowed for the event, according to Vanity Fair, but it’s not known whom they were borrowed from.

There was, however, one glaring omission from Meghan’s outfit -- a tiara.

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Many had speculated that the mother-to-be would use the diplomatic event as the perfect excuse to wear the tiara for the first time since her wedding -- but she opted instead for the earrings.

It’s not uncommon for female members of the royal family to use diplomatic events -- such as state dinners -- as the perfect excuse to wear their favourite sparkly headgear.

The Duchess Of Cambridge did it during a state visit with the King and Queen of Spain, while Princess Mary did it during a state banquet of the King and Queen of the Netherlands. Princess Diana was also a fan.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana and Princess Mary all wear tiaras at state events. Source: Getty

The dinner also showcased another touching moment between Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, with the reformed party boy showing just how much he’s changed since meeting the former TV actress.

Instead of toasting with a glass of bubbly, Harry raised a glass of water, in solidarity with his pregnant wife.

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Meghan toasting with a glass of water. Source: Getty

That's another thing -- the stunning figure hugging gown gave Meghan the perfect opportunity to show off her adorable burgeoning baby bump.

Look at that little bump! Source: Getty
The proud as punch parents to be. Source: Getty

Feature Image: Getty