The Secret To Having Confidence At Work

Your highest priority in life will give you the greatest confidence at work.

People don't suffer from a lack of confidence but a lack of harmony between their values and what they are doing, whether in life or in work, said Dr John Demartini, author and public speaker in human behavior.

"Whatever is highest on our values list, what is most important in our life, we spontaneously do without being reminded, motivated or incentivised to do it," he told ten daily.

The areas people excel in are the areas they place the highest value on because they are willing to embrace pain and pleasure in the pursuit of them.

But in the areas of lowest value, people tend to procrastinate, hesitate or frustrate over them Demartini said.

"They need motivation or a reminder to do it," he said.

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That's what leads to an inability to absorb information, notice opportunities and make quick decisions which all chips away at your confidence.

The key to gaining confidence in areas a person feels they are lacking in, is to connect the area to their highest priority.

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"Whenever a person can see what they are doing is helping them fulfill their highest value, they will become inspired and engaged," he said.

Applying this theory to real life, Demartini said he uses this in the process of hiring.

If the applicant can't answer how the job description is going to match their values, Demartini believes they aren't the right person for the job.

"They are going to be need to be micromanaged, not motivated, not doing great work and procrastinate," he said.

"But if they can see how that job duties helps them fulfill their values, they'll take command, they'll be self-initiating, they'll be innovative and they'll love it."

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Consciously changing values requires "stacking" the benefits against the disadvantages a value can bring

Demartini said there are no right or wrong values in life -- some may place a higher value on family, while others value their business -- but the ability to connect those values to their work will determine success.