It's Halloween So We Asked A Ghost Tour Guide To Reveal His Spookiest Experiences

Torches at the ready.

When it comes to things that go bump in the night, Pete Clifford has seen it all.

Not only did he grow up in a haunted house, he’s now dedicated his life to scoping out those troubled souls who still roam the earth.

For the past 18 years Pete has been taking tours around the Blue Mountains --exploring the area’s mysteries and legends.

“We grew up with ghosts being normal,” he told ten daily.

“The entire area has so many reports of UFOs, ghosts, yowies and all sorts of other mysteries -- so as kids we always had somewhere to go an explore. Now I take people into the bush, the cemeteries, the abandoned and the old historic buildings -- there’s such much history.”

Despite his years of experiences in the paranormal, Pete told ten daily there are a few instances that still make the hair on the back of his neck rise.

The Convict Pit

According to Pete this abandoned well, built around 1813, was used to house convicts so they couldn’t escape.

Pete tells ten daily he’d been visiting the pits “for years” and used to “love” going there before an incident back in 2006 left him so shaken, he couldn’t return for several months. “I had just taken a group down there and I was walking back up a dirt road to the bus,” he said.

“Then suddenly I saw this bit of light coming at me -- it was purple and white. At first I thought someone had taken a photo and my eyes were adjusting to the light. So I rubbed my eyes and took another step and then suddenly the same light was on top of me … and then it just went through me.”

Pete said that’s when he heard a deep, male voice order him to “get out of here now”. “Then I just fell to the ground -- it was as if this thing had just completely drained me of energy,” he said.

The tour guide said he asked others if they too had seen the light, but came back empty. “The weirdest part about the whole experience was that not only did I see and hear this entity, but I tasted it as well,” he said.

Pete described tasting an “ouzo-like, licorice taste” as the entity passed through him. Later, he said he would go on to ask others about their experience with malevolent entities only to discover they too experienced that same ‘ouzo-like taste’ at the time of connection.

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Pete took this photo of what he believes shows a "ghost orb in top right hand corner --inside you will see a face of a red coat military trooper named Henry Stewart". Source: Blue Mountains Mystery Tours

The whole incident left the veteran ghost hunter so shaken, he refused to take his tours to the Convict Pits for several months afterwards. That was until he decided he needed to understand what was behind the terrifying incident.

“When I went back there I realised that where I had been walking at the time there were around 15 unmarked graves,” he said. “That’s where all the convicts had been buried -- and because many of them were denied their religious last rites -- they tend to hang around on earth because they worried about being punished as they haven’t resolved anything with their maker.

“Anyway, when I went back there I just decided to sit and try to tune into the energy. That’s when I felt someone tell me: ‘Mate, you’ve been walking over my grave and I’ve had enough’.

“So I look down where I was standing and there were rocks coming out of the dirt – turns out it was and old headstone. All this time I had been walking over this poor fella’s grave and he just wanted some peace.”

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Pete tells ten daily that in this photo you can see a face in the window of the Hartley Historic village Courthouse. "Some believe it is a girl, named Francies, who died there in the early 1900s," he said. Source: Blue Mountains Mystery Tours
Dave – The Paranormal Pest

‘Dave -- aka The Paranormal Pest resides in the old courthouse at Hartley -- a frozen-in-time village that comes straight out of the colonial era.

“There’s a men’s holding cell in the jail section and that’s where Dave resides -- even if you don’t see or feel him, most people will smell him,” he said. You see, Pete tells ten daily, you know when Dave’s around because he brings with him the scent of faeces.

Pete said that Dave usually make his presence known in the old courthouse once the lights to the cells went out.

“It would be pitch black and then everyone would hear this ‘whoosh’ come through the door and then that’s when we’d start to smell the faeces. He would walk around the tour group circle and then narrow in on anyone who he found intimidating -- like a police officer -- anyone in authority,” he said.

A close-up of what Pete believes to be the 'dark, non-human energy" known as Dave. Source: Blue Mountains Mystery Tours.

Pete said Dave wanted every to follow a ‘pecking order’: “He wanted people to know that he was in charge and he would do things to make sure people knew that”. These ‘things’ included pulling women’s hair, smacking their behinds and forcing people up against the wall.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that Pete truly realised just how malevolent Dave was.

“I walked in the men’s cell and just out of nowhere it felt like someone slapped me across the face with an open hand,” he said.

“I fell backwards, then I got that metallic taste of blood in my mouth, and it felt like my tooth had been loosened. So I ran outside and the rest of the tour group came out after me telling me what a ‘good job’ I’d done at scaring them.”

Pete said that although he didn’t display any physical injuries, he was so shaken by the incident that he couldn’t continue on the tour. ”I told everyone to go in there and do what they wanted -- but they only lasted 30 seconds and came flying out the door,” he said.

The most alarming incident came a few weeks later when Pete took a police officer into the cell. “The officer walks in and Dave just goes straight up to the detective, picks him up by the neck and bangs his head against the wall,” Pete said.

Amid the commotion Pete said the rest of the group turned on their torches “just in time” to see the officer high-footing it out of the courthouse. “I chased him outside and he had a lump the size of a golf ball on the side of his head,” Pete said. “That’s when I knew I actually had to go in there and release this thing”.

Releasing a spirit

Pete tells ten daily that helping a spirit to 'cross over' is actually a lot easier than it seems. He explains: "First you locate where it's hiding or residing, make friends with it, find out why it is trapped or scared to go to the light. The you assure the ghost/s that there is nothing to worry about, tell them their family and friends are waiting for them and then send them into the light".

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