An Instagram Star Reveals How To Up Your Game On The 'Gram While Staying Sane

Turns out switching off is just as important as switching on.

Let's get real here: There is no shame in wanting to create the perfect brand on social media. We all do it. Some of us just happen to do it better than others.

Take Steph Claire Smith for example. The model -- who's just been announced as the face of Sheridan's 'Tonight Makes Tomorrow' campaign -- boasts  a whopping 1.3 million followers on Instagram -- and that number is steadily continuing to grow.

With each post averaging around 30,000 likes, Smith knows a thing or two about building your personal brand on the social media network.

Here they are:

What advice do you have to other girls who are trying to forge a career in social media?

First of all, have other goals and ambitions on the side. Social media is forever changing and you have to be prepared that one day things, like Instagram, might disappear. Whatever your chosen career or business that you’re promoting on your socials -- make sure you do your research, stay true to yourself and true to your brand with all your posts. Oh, and post regularly.

What the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about social media?

Remember: If you have a large following, you have a responsibility. Don’t forget that people look up to you, and trust you, so do the right thing and don’t take that for granted.

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What’s the big no-no when it comes to social media?

No bullying. People think that because they’re commenting on an account of someone they don’t know, whether it’s someone from another country or someone famous, that they can say anything. That person is a person and they also have feelings

What do you wish you knew about social media before getting into this game?

That it can be addictive. I have found a great balance now so that I don’t feel like I’m on it 24/7, but for a long time I was stuck to my screen.

What advice do you have for girls who look at images on social media and then feel bad about themselves?

Delete any accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Only follow accounts that inspire you or give you positive vibes. Remember that what you see isn’t always real, everything is posed, most things are edited and that person is only showing you the best five percent of their lives. So don’t compare yourself to anything you see online.

How do you ensure that you don’t get caught up in the social media storm surrounding body image? (or get obsessed by it).

That’s a tough one, but really it’s about following the right accounts and working on your own personal self love and body confidence. It’s up to you to decide how you want certain images to make you feel. Learning to love the skin you’re in and getting to a point where you’re not comparing yourself to others is a long journey, but your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship to nurture.

I go about it by living my happiest and healthiest balanced life and I don’t let the little negative voice in my head get me down. You are uniquely beautiful -- we all are.

What do you do to switch off from social media?

I simply put my phone on silent and put it down. I love watching movies or TV shows and I always switch off during dinnertime, whether I’m home or out and about. I also always do my best to be switched off well before bedtime as well. A peppermint tea, a diffuser with lavender oil and a chat with my partner in bed is how I always finish off my days.

Feature Image: Instagram/stephclairesmith