Meghan Held An Umbrella For Harry And The World Can't Cope

Nothing can rain on this Prince's parade when Meghan's by his side.

It's hard to imagine that after 20 hours of travelling, a pregnancy announcement, a media circus, and a quick nip to Dubbo in the pouring rain, you'd be in any mood to smile at anything ... but that's not the case for the Duchess of Sussex.

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The Duke and Duchess were married just five months ago and with a baby on the way, they're clearly still in that love bubble, because standing by her husband as he gave a speech to the crowds in Victoria Park, Dubbo, Meghan couldn't take her eyes off her prince.

Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Meghan looks at Harry!

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Now, this is all very cute, but aside from the fact that Meghan can't take her eyes of Harry, it was her umbrella-holding skills that sent social media into meltdown.

Catch me holding as many umbrellas as I can, waiting for my prince to wander underneath one...