Luke Vincent, The Six-Year-Old Who Stole Harry And Meghan's Heart (And Ours)

He only recently announced to the world that he and wife Meghan Markle are expecting their first child together.

But if Prince Harry's recent interactions with children is anything to go by, this royal is well and truly in full training mode for impending parenthood.

After hopping off the plane in Dubbo, Harry was greeted by a group of school children who were all lined up neatly behind a white rope.

The royal and his new wife diligently shook each and every hand, and even got on bended knee to chat with the school children.

But it was when Harry reached the end of the line and met six-year-old Luke Vincent all that protocol was thrown out the window.

Luke meeting Meghan and Harry in Dubbo. Source: Getty

Luke, who was holding the hand of his principal, Anne Van Dartel,  broke away from her and embraced the father-to-be. Clearly overcome with emotion, Harry placed his arms around Luke and stroked his back.

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After stepping away to get a better look at the prince, little Luke reached out his hand and stroked the Duke's beard. Proving he really is King Of The Kids, Harry scrunched up his face and allowed the Luke to continue stroking his beard for as long as he wanted.

Luke gives Prince Harry's beard a rub. Source: Getty

Luke then stepped back into the arms of his principal, before Meghan soon turned up to meet him.

After handing her a posy of flowers, Luke then gave the expectant mother a brief hug before turning his attention back to Harry and embracing him once more.

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This time instead of stroking his beard, Luke reached up and rubbed Harry's ginger crown prompting Meghan to burst out into a joyous laugh.

After giving the Prince once last pat on the head for good luck, Luke was finally able to tear himself away and walked back into the arms of waiting woman.

Fans were quick to call out the adorable moment on Twitter.