Bach Star Matty J Takes The Plunge (In More Ways Than One)

The Bachelor star bungees in New Zealand.

For Bachelor Matty J and his girlfriend Laura Byrne, life after the show has been well, pretty sweet.

The pair have enjoyed a few perks of being in the public eye following their stint on the reality show -- events, awards and some great holidays together.

And after ticking over 12 months together, Matty confirmed to ten daily the pair have taken a leap forward in their relationship... and moved in together.

Yep, another Bachie success story here!

In confirming the real estate move, the Bachie star revealed he recently took the plunge of a different kind with his love by his side -- that's bungee jumping at the Nevis playground in New Zealand's South Island.

So how did he feel when he jumped off the edge?

You almost can't breathe because you just you have so much adrenaline running through your body, it's almost like, even to get that first scream out took a lot of effort! The sensation of the wind rushing past your face... then you can see the ground coming closer and closer towards you at such a fast speed, and it all happens in a few moments, a matter of seconds."

And while she may have happily taken the leap into cohabitation with Matty, Laura wasn't going to be talked intotaking the plunge in the name of adventure. Sensible girl.

"She was like 'look, I'll think about it' and actually saw me do it and was just like 'no thank you,'" laughs Matty. "After that I was like, 'perfect, we will go have a nice dinner instead'."

Back to the new living arrangements in Sydney, and the pair really are as happy together as their social media would suggest. But just like all of us, there have been some tricky things to navigate as they settle into living together.

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It's the first time I've lived with anyone so it's trying to figure out how to share wardrobe space and I'm lucky that in the place we're at now, we do have a pretty massive wardrobe," laughed Matty.

"But it feels pretty normal, to be honest. I've lived with girls before, but never a partner. We kind of spent pretty much every day together anyway. It's just figuring out how to live under the one roof with pets as well. Now my morning routine is waking up, having breakfast and then taking Buster [their three-legged dog] for a toilet trip, which I wasn't used to before."

The loved-up pair managed to have a great holiday in New Zealand, regardless of the bungee. In fact, Matty says it's one of their favourite destinations now.

"It's funny because I actually first went to New Zealand with The Living Room last year when I was filling in for Chris Brown and prior to that I'd never been there, which is weird when it's so close! Then obviously in the space of twelve months I've been three times."

Their pick of places to go included some top-notch snowboarding spots -- and as this was Laura's second ever time on the snow, it could have gone very very wrong. But luckily it didn't.

"The best decision was going to The Remarkables which is about a half hour drive from Queenstown," said Matty. "About 80 percent of the mountain is set up for beginners or intermediates so it's really good terrain for those who are still finding their feet, and Laura loved it. To the point where it was only four o'clock or four thirty when they had the last lift and I was like 'well, I guess that's it, we better head back to the car,' and then she was like 'what do you mean? We've got time for one more lift, like let's do it!'"

And as for their other picks?

"Another of my favourites is Wanaka. It's just a picturesque, beautiful town right on this glacial lake with these towering mountains in the background and it's got really incredible food as well which is surprising for such a quaint little town. My second favourite would be Tasman Glacier.

"The main hotel where you stay sits at the base of Tasman Glacier and it's just you know, waking up and opening the blinds from the hotel and looking at the mountain it's just incredible. Hiking around, standing on top of 200 metres worth of snow and ice is pretty amazing too. "

And where to next for the couple? If the amount of adventure needs to be upped, we're thinking the moon?

"Ah no," Matty laughed. " I think for us, one thing we're looking forward to doing is staying more local I think. Coming into summer we've love to do a couple of camping trips by the beach down south -- so nothing that's too adrenaline-fuelled but a bit more relaxing."

So maybe a trip down the aisle soon? Watch this space.

Feature image: Instagram/Matthewdavidjohnson