The Heartwarming Moment That Stopped Harry And Meghan In Their Tracks

It's a love story for the ages.

It was supposed to be like any other meet-and-greet with their adoring fans -- but for The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex, their walkabout around the Sydney Opera House forecourt didn't quite go to plan.

There they were doing all the things royals usually do when greeting the public -- shaking hands, accepting flowers, kissing babies -- when they saw someone who took them both by surprise.

Sitting in her wheelchair with her freshly permed hair was Daphne Dunne. The 98-year-old war widow who managed to steal two kisses from Prince Harry during his previous visits Down Under.

The Duke and Duchess meeting Daphne Dunne. Source: Getty

Only this time Mrs Dunne didn’t want to let Harry go -- and spent several minutes chatting with the Duke and his new wife, Meghan.

Both the Duke and Duchess bent down to chat with Mrs Dunne, and appeared to listen intently as she spoke and gently stroked Harry's face.

"I've been so excited to meet you," a clearly overjoyed Meghan told Mrs Dunne.

"I'm so excited to meet you too," Mrs Dunne replied before telling the Duchess that news they were expecting a baby is "just what Harry needs".

Harry went on to compliment Mrs Dunne on her hair asking her if she had "dyed her hair a shade of pink" to which she corrected him that it was "actually a bit of toner".

The Duke and Duchess meeting Daphne Dunne. Source: Getty

As the pair were preparing to move along on their meet-and-greet, a clearly chuffed Mrs Dunne held on tightly to Harry's hand and gave it one last shake.

Mrs Dunne won Australian hearts when she stole a kiss from a then-single Prince Harry when he visited our shores in 2015.

Two years later she managed to nab a second kiss from the prince when he spotted Mrs Dunne in her wheelchair as rain bucketed down on crowds gathered at Circular Quay.

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Now, Mrs Dunne is preparing to see her self-described ‘boyfriend’ for the third time -- only this time she’ll have another woman to compete with.

Not that she minds, with Mrs Dunne telling ten daily she finds Harry’s new wife, Meghan Markle, “absolutely wonderful”. “Oh I wish her all the happiness in the world,” she said.

Mrs Dunne told Ten News she thinks Prince Harry will be a "wonderful father". Image: Kimberley Pratt.

A little over an hour before our chat Kensington Palace confirmed that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting their first child, prompting Mrs Dunne to say it was “about time”.

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“I’m so glad they’ve got a new little one coming,” she said.  "It’s so wonderful to have a little one in your life and they give you all the love in the world. Sometimes they make you scream -- but you can’t let them go.”

Mrs Dunne, whose husband received the Victoria Cross posthumously for his bravery in the 1945 New Guinea campaign in WWII, said it was obvious Harry had found his soulmate in Meghan.

Mrs Dunne said she is 'thrilled' Harry has found love with Meghan. Source: Getty

“Oh you can just see the happiness coming off both of them,” she said. “Isn’t that what we all want in life? Isn’t that what we all want?”

Mrs Dunne's first husband Lieutenant Albert Chowne died at the age of 25 in 1945 -- just one year after they were married.

A bunch of red roses that Lt Chowne had arranged to be sent to his young bride on her birthday arrived at Mrs Dunne's doorstep -- just before she received the news that he had been killed in action.

It was Mrs Dunne's husband's VC Cross that first attracted Harry. Source: Getty

Mrs Dunne went on to marry again tying the knot with Corporal John Dunne, who was captured in Malaya in 1942 and ended up in Changi a decade later.

But despite wishing Harry and his new bride a very "happy life together", a very cheeky Mrs Dunne told ten daily that she’s still expecting a kiss from the Prince when she (hopefully) sees him today.

“Only I don’t know where he’s going to put the kiss,” she laughed.

Feature Image: Getty.