Hey Harry And Meghan, Want A Good Place To Stay In While You're Here?

Once you get sick of Admiralty House, you may want to head to these Air BnBs!

Look, we know just how luxe the accommodation you will be staying in for your tour is -- and don't get us wrong, Admiralty House looks pretty nice. But you know, sometimes as a couple you may just want to get away by yourselves for a night or two, right?

And not to a hotel, either -- after all, we know how fond you are of cooking for yourselves, hey, you are dab hands at roasting your own chickens after all.

We can help you -- presenting the most regal Airbnb listings in Australia and New Zealand, your royal highnesses, straight from the good folk at Airbnb themselves.

Don't thank us, just invite us over for a roast.

New South Wales

The Shed at Broger’s End from $360AUD per night

This vintage-style shed is the perfect listing for a noble and private getaway. The red velvet couch adds a truly royal touch paired with a quintessential tartan blanket to keep the royals cosy.

Jerrymara- A Country Estate by the Sea from $1650 AUD per night

This fine estate sits on a stunning property of lush greenery, fit for daytime walks with any pooches. And it's by the water too, perfect for a royal dip.

1880’s Church on the Colo river -- from $310 AUD per night

This rustic yet elegant cottage listing looks out to a calming view of nature whilst offering a private and distinguished atmosphere fit for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Cottage Kangaroo Valley from $297AUD per night

Spoil yourself like Ms Markle would in this beautifully bright cottage in peaceful and majestic Kangaroo Valley. You may see some local fauna too, which Meghan would be pretty stoked about.

The Kangaloon Barn -- from $285 AUD per night

The luxurious barn is an interior designer’s dream. Maybe Megz can get some tips for their new place at Kensington Palace.

 Atalia House -- from $1100 AUD per night

"Illuminous and colourful" is what Airbnb call this this gorgeous guesthouse, and it's is the perfect summer getaway for the pair. It even has the perfect hosting area out back for those nights when you want to serve up that roast chicken and veg.


The Diggers Store -- from $190 AUD per night

The restored Diggers Store is a historical and regal stable house fit for exclusive royal getaway.


#thebarnTAS  from $200AUD per night

This extraordinary barn in the Tassie capital is the ideal bed and breakfast for a leisurely weekend away. Warning: it might be hard to get out of this cosy bed!

 Historical Church at Kempton from $185AUD per night

This oh-so-glam castle with stunningly high ceilings and open spaces is divine for a royal staycation. It's even furnished like a royal bolthole. Just like home...

New Zealand

Boutique Strawberry Cottage from $227AUD per night

Situated in the glorious Wanaka, this beautiful stylish home is the perfect sanctuary for the duo to stay in on a visit to New Zealand.

Breathtaking Queenstown Views from $595AUD per night

It’s impossible to be disappointed by any view of spectacular Queenstown -- but this marvellous property is above and beyond. Stay warm close to the fireplace while you take in the views of one of New Zealand’s most picturesque areas.

Driftwood from $219AUD per night

Close to the lake and the snow, this stunning property serves as the perfect hideaway from the busy life of a royal. And it has an outdoor bath, guys! Get there now!