Beautiful Snaps Of Sea Of Spring Blossoms In Melbourne's CBD

Hosier Lane in Melbourne is best known as an inner-city hub for graffiti art -- but this week it was turned into a glorious blanket of tulips thanks to one sustainability hero.

Joost Bakker is the Dutch-born innovator known for opening Australia's first waste-free restaurant -- Silo -- and was behind the idea to plant 35,000 tulips in Melbourne's CBD this week.

Bakker noted on his Instagram that his family grew the blooms in Monbulk but his brother said they weren't "quite good enough to sell".

"When he said he was throwing them out I said no way!" Bakker said.

"So we spent the early hours of this morning bringing them into town."

Bakker added that the installation was about making people in the city aware of the realities of the flower industry.

"It’s currently under a lot of pressure from imported flowers with some estimating close to 70% of flowers sold in Australia are imported," he wrote.

Melburnians flocked to Hosier Lane to pick their own tulips -- which had disappeared by Friday afternoon.

Here are just some of the best photos uploaded to Instagram of flower fans collecting the gorgeous spring blooms to take home.

Bakker noted on his Instagram post that the best way to support local Aussie flower growers was to ask your florist a couple of key questions.

"When you buy flowers please ask ‘are they grown locally? Are they in season?’ These two things make a purchase much more sustainable.

"Support a brilliant industry and the next generation of flower growers," said Bakker.

Main Image: Instagram/@dakotaflowercompany