Venus Is In Retrograde. Hold On To Your Hearts

Here's something a little disconcerting for those who believe in the planets' pull on us mere mortals.

PSA: Venus officially goes into retrograde today and will stay there for 40 days, ending on November 16.

Ouch. No not that Venus. The planet. This is astrology, not tennis.

That's better. And what is retrograde exactly?

According to astrologer Hedy Damari, "Retrograde refers to when a planet appears to be moving backwards, in its orbital path. It isn't really [moving backwards], it just looks that way."

As the goddess and planet of love, Venus keeps our love lives moving forward, so while in retrograde, it's our personal relationships that might be... shall we say, tested.

Or worse.

According to astrologers Venus's retrograde reveals any weak links in a relationship or bring back past loves. They also advise against proposals, weddings, and any major relationship moves during the whole four week period.

So back off with that ring, right?

In addition, considering Venus rules love, pleasure, harmony and compassion, the retrograde can put its positive attributes into reverse -- prompting you to take an long hard inward look at yourself.

You'll also feel every emotion you're currently feeling upped by a thousand per cent -- both positive and negative -- so watch you have a good store of tissues, wine and chocolate handy.

If you want to know how to get the most out of the time, astrologers The Astrotwins suggest the following.

Heal any issues in your relationship or blocks to love. Recognise when you’re in the wrong match and move on. Gain closure with an ex… or reunite if the timing is better. Make peace with a woman in your life."

Right. Consider it done.

 If you're still a little worried about the effect that Venus in Retrograde will have in your life -- and you can't stay in bed for the next 4 weeks -- it's time to arm yourself accordingly, with these four crystals to help fix what ails you, thanks to Ashley Bellino from Stoned Crystals. They're said to help alleviate any side effects of Venus retrograde. "Keep them in your pocket as a reminder to maintain resilience, to be kind and to be compassionate," Ashley told ten daily.

Go forth, be strong.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of Love. "This stone will inspire you to live from your heart, forgive in your relationships and forget old flames to make way for the new. Especially during the Venus Retrograde backspin, Rose Quartz will protect you from feelings of jealousy, bitterness and guilt that may be linked to your past," said Ashley.


"Also known as ‘The Stone of Transformation’, this is a popular stone for weathering change. It is also a communication stone so therefore will help to maintain conversion between you and your partner or open gateways for love interests. Enhancing intuition and guidance this stone represents insight and attracts both strength and perseverance," Ashley said.


"Your Saintly Sword, Selenite invites you to let go of limitations and clean out the closets of your mind" Ashley advised.  "Place me on windowsills throughout the house, as I give a breath of fresh air to rejuvenate your space. During this time of turbulence I act as protection fortifying your castle and inviting positive energy and peace in."


"Iridescent and versatile, Apophyllite is an elixir for the Heart Chakra and a beautiful and gentle stone to have with you during the Venus Retrograde," said Ashley. "It brings a light energy guiding you to introspect and grow. Like a beautiful wild flower you must focus on the sky. Be strong enough to rise again, tough enough to weather the storm and able to grow and flourish even in the darkest places."

OK? Time to get over that ex, we think!

 Feature Image: Getty